Category: #blockchain #ethereum #eth #WBF #Crypto #AI #machinelearning Player Wins $3m on Ambitious 7-way Multi-bet

Source: Press Release: Another player has won big with a $3m win across the Euro 2024 & Copa America football tournaments. July 4, 2024, London, UK — A customer has landed almost $3 million on an ambitious seven-part multi-bet in one of the biggest wins so far during the summer of sport. ‍ The

Altcoinist: $1.5M Raised by Co-founder and ETH Dev to Revolutionize Creator Monetization

Source: Press Release: Altcoinist is developing an on-chain subscription tool as a monetization solution for creator economies. 4 July, 2023, Dubai, UAE — Altcoinist, an on-chain gateway giving creators a new way to monetize and grow private communities, has successfully completed its pre-seed and initial seed round of financing, raising over $1.5M. Their Seed A round

Crypto Experts Join in Latest Ambassador Signings

Source: Press Release: Leading crypto sportsbook adds four more brand ambassadors to its growing line-up. June 18, 2024, London, UK  — The new ambassadors signing for bring with them a wealth of cryptocurrency knowledge and expertise, as the ‘Join the Crypto Experience’ programme picks up pace. The first to be welcomed this month is